My College Football Picks and Predictions

A wild college football regular season just completed, and if the bowl season is anything like it, we are in for a treat. The first bowl game is set for December 15th between Gambling (who??) and North Carolina A&T. Here are my biggest questions heading into the bowl games.

Can any of the games no one cares about become worth watching? 

Every year there are about ten bowl games that are between schools you’ve never heard of, or teams that barely have a .500 record. Can any of these games become interesting enough to make people actually watch?

Which conference will be best between the SEC/ACC/Big 10/ and Big 12

All season these have the deepest and most talented conferences. I’m interested in seeing which does the best in the bowl games. The ACC leads all conferences with 10 teams playing in bowls, but the SEC has two in the College Football Playoff, and the Big 10 has none. The bowl season this year will help us determine which conference really was the best this season.

Which team will win the National Championship? 

This years four teams seem to be the most evenly matched since the start of the College Football Playoff. Clemson, Oklahoma, and Clemson all won their conferences, and the last team to make it in was Alabama…. who has been the most dominant team in the country for the last 5+ years. I think the defending National Champions (Clemson) and the Heisman winner (Baker Mayfield/Oklahoma) will face in this years Championship with Oklahoma coming out on top.

Here’s a look at my full picks:

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