What if the South Won the Civil War?

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The history of the United States is extremely fragile, and one small change could alter the way that every day American’s live their lives. In the first part of this week’s assignment we looked at what changes would occur if major instances in history never occurred, or the outcome of their occurrence was different. For the purpose of the question of the week I wanted to choose a prompt that would have the greatest change/impact on our country. In this week’s question of the week I am going to be discussing what would happen if the south had won the Civil War.

The American Civil War started in 1861 and lasted until 1865. There were many reasons that the United States was thrust into a war between its Northern and Southern halves, but the biggest reason was slavery. The Northern states wanted to abolish slavery because they had little to no use for it and wanted every man to have an equal opportunity. The Southern states had a different economy than the north and still used slavery every day. The abolishment of slavery would have changed the lives of many people, and for that reason the South thought it was worth going to war with the North.

If the south had won the civil war then many peoples lives would have changed, and the country we know and love today would not be the same. The biggest change would be to people’s everyday rights. The most obvious people who would lose their rights would be African Americans. If the south had won the civil war they would have control of what would happen with slaves, and they most likely would have kept it around. With slavery being legal it would have made the lives more difficult for anyone who was a white male. There wouldn’t have been an opportunity for a civil rights movement and the lives of women, immigrates, and African Americans would have changed for the worse. Its hard to say exactly what the United States would be like if the South had won the Civil War, but its likely to think that there would be less rights for people and the country would not be the way we know it today.

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