Week Three Midweek Summary

July 12, 2018 admin 0Comments

The beginning of this week was a new expeirence in Digital Storytelling because it was the first time we learned about audio, and the different ways that stories can be created with it. I personally have only had one class that has talked about audio, and it was more of the technical aspect of it so I’m excited to learn more ways that audio is used to create and tell stories.

Even though most of the first part of this weeks assignments were about audio, I started off the week by completeing my daily creates where I completed two extremely different tasks. The first was based off of the famous song “500 Miles”

Where we had to think about where we would and who we would 1000 miles for. This assignment was fun to draw out and do, the only problem I had with it is that I still can’t get that song out of my head. The second daily create that I made was an amazon wish list of a famous dead person. I chose to do Steve Irwin because I thought he would have a unique list that would give me a lot of cool options.

After creating the daily creates it was time to learn more about audio. At first we looked at different audio resources such as Soundcloud, and other other online audio exports. After learning about the assignments and hearing from audio professions I wrote a blog post about why audio has and will not die in the modern era. It’s a pretty unique post that explains why radio is so powerful to people, and why it will never die even with all the increases in modern technology.

The final thing that we looked at for the week was a Souncloud post called Moonlight

which told a different story of how the first moon landing could have happened. It was an extremely visual story, even though it was all audio. It was a great way to show what I had been reading about, and got me excited for what is to come in the next part of the week with audio.


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