Week Three End of the Week Summary

July 17, 2018 admin 0 Comments

This week was structured a little bit differently than in the previous weeks of digital storytelling. There was less writing, with more learning and creating. The major focus of the week was audio, both recording and editing it.

Before taking this class, I had a little bit of experience with Audio, but would not have considered myself anywhere close to experienced. The first time I had ever learned anything related to audio was first semester of my junior year when I took a class on music technology. The classed was mainly geared towards musicians, but as a part of my communications and digital studies major I took it as well. In the class we learned more about the properties of sound, but there were some parts that taught us how sound programs such as audacity work. I also consider myself to have an above average understanding with computers and am usually able to teach myself how computer programs work. That being said there were some difficulties that I came across during this week’s assignments.

The first thing that we had to do for the week was the daily creates. The two that I chose to do was one where I took pictures of a journey that I went on over the weekend. Luckily for me I went to a tournament for the team I coach and had a lot to take pictures of. The second daily create was a text conversation between the two greatest basketball players of all time; Michael Jordan and Lebron James. After the daily creates were done it was time to work on the two audio assignments. Both assignments used the app called “Audacity” which allows you to record and edit sounds. I knew what Audacity was but had never really worked with it before. The first assignment worked with the same alternate history topic that I had been doing before. I edited some background music to add suspense to the story that I was telling. The second assignment that used Audacity was one where I created a story using only sounds. I chose to do the progression of a car from when its first turned on, to when it gets into a crash. I thought that this project was the more challenging of the two, because it was harder to edit all the sound clips together. The Final thing that I did for the week was create a tutorial for someone who does not know how to use something. I chose to create a tutorial for how to download apps onto an iPad that cannot be found on the app store. It was fun making the video and feeling like a Youtuber and might help someone else out.

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