Week Four Midweek Summary

July 18, 2018 admin 0 Comments

This week in digital storytelling was one of the slower weeks work wise, especially because I had previous background in analyzing film, the main topic of this week.  I enjoy watching movies, whether its for fun or to analyze them. This week’s work was fun for me, and I’m excited to see what the remaining topics on film will be.

This week like many previous ones started off with the daily creates. The two that I chose to complete were a new Olympic sport, and what my wall is. For the new Olympic sport, I chose to do hot dog eating. Its already a professional sport that is extremely popular in the United States (especially around the fourth of July) and I think would be awesome as an Olympic sport. There could be both individual, and team contests and it would be extremely cool to see teams compete. The second daily create had to do with my personal wall, and what it means to me. The most important wall to me is the one that separates me from everyone at work. Its important to me because I like to work alone and have my own space, and without the walls I would not be able to.

After the daily creates it was time to learn more about film. The first way we did that was by reading an article by Robert Ebert titled how to read a movie broke down the different ways that films can be looked at by different audiences. It was an incredibly well written article and went into detail about how I can become better at watching films. The second assignment that I looked at was a reflection on four different videos that were posted to canvas. These four videos explained how different film techniques are used by editors, and film producers. They were fun to watch and reminded me a lot of previous film classes that I have taken. Overall, I enjoyed this part of the class and am really looking forward to working more with film.

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