Week Four end of the Week Summary

July 23, 2018 admin 0 Comments

This week was unlike all the previous ones that I had in Digital Stroytelling. Although it was different I found that it was different in a good way. There were no daily creates this week, and I had more time to focus on the four video assignments of the week.

The first video that I made was a Vlog of the day . In my vlog I did a behind the scenes look as I dyed my first ever lacrosse head. Creating this video assignment  was an awesome experience for me because it was two things that I had always wanted to try, but never did. The lacrosse head was fun to dye and gave me an interesting project to work on. Vloging is something I like watching on Youtube, so it was fun to be able to do it.

The next video that I made was video game lowlights where I made a montage of all of the times that I died in fortnite. Fortnite is one of if not the most popular game right now so it was cool to make a different kind of video where I showed my lowlights instead of my highlights.

The third projecct that I made was ten questions about me where I answered some personal questions about myself for everyone to watch. I wanted to give people who come across my website a chance to get to know me better than just what I post, and I think this video was a good was of doing that.

The final project that I made this week was a video on Sampson my girlfriends dog. He’s such a good boy that I thought he needed a video to show it.

Overall I thought this week was a ton of fun. I love creating and editing videos and this gave me a good chance to do that.

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