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  • Dow
  • nload and install the app from their homepage.
  • Insert headphones with a microphone to record what you are saying.
  • Press th
    e yellow record in the top corner to start recording.
  • Save/export the clips where they can then be used in iMovie, or other similar
  • video editing apps.






  • Upload all the photos/videos that you could possibly want to use in your movie
  • Insert all the media you want in the bottom half of iMovie where you can then trim and edit the content.
  • After creating and editing all your content you then save/export it where you can upload to youtube.







  • Open Youtube and go to your own channel.
  • Click the upload video and use the video you just created.
  • Once the video is uploaded you can use custom settings to get the content how you want, and even upload your own thumbnail. 

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