The Best Tool for the Apocalypse

July 9, 2018 admin 0 Comments

When the apocalypse came I was terrified. There were noises all throughout the night, people starting to turn on each other, and worst of all a massive decrease in food and water. Without the LifeStraw I don’t think I would have been able to survive.

When everything hears apocalypse they quickly start thinking of zombies, and what weapon they need to take down any potential threats. Yes, there were people acting weird and not human-like, but this was hardly a zombie apocalypse. It all started after World War Three when all that remained across the world after nuclear weapons was rubble. My family and I lived about fifteen miles away from Washington D.C. one of the places in the world that got hit the worst. Everything that we had grown accustomed to was gone. We knew that we didn’t stand a chance if we stayed put so close to Washington D.C. so we decided that it would be best for us to head west, away from all of the carnage. We had no food, no water (that is until I grabbed the LifeStraw) and no real plan on what we were doing.

The life straw is an incredible product that allows you to drink water from any source. The straw has a built in filter that cleans the water before it gets up to your mouth. You can literally drink from a dirty puddle, and within seconds the straw will convert it into clean water. The LifeStraw is a little under a foot long, and has a durable plastic exterior that makes it easy for travel.

As my family started to travel west we had no food or water, besides the LifeStraw. There were times that we were all starting to die of thirst, but saved because of the LifeStraw. Whether you’re an avid camper, want a cool product, or need to survive an apocalypse, the LifeStraw is the product for you.

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