Telling Stories With Audio

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Audio storytelling is something that is increasingly growing in popularity again after the creation of websites like audible that allow you to get audio stories of famous books. Audio storytelling is a completely different way to listen to a story, but that does not make it any less powerful.

This week we listened to “Moon Graffiti” an audio story of the United States first time in space, but has a fictional ending that allows it to be an incredible story. The story “Moon Graffiti” has an extremely exciting story line as well as two narrators who made the story believable. Without the use of a real image for the audience the author has to create it with descriptive words that will give listeners the same sensation. The story of “Moon Graffiti” is an exciting twist on a story that almost everyone will know, and kept me entertained throughout its entirety. Another important part of having a good audio story is the narration. The two narrators Matt Evans (Neil Armstrong)  and Ed Herbsman (Buzz Aldrin) were incredibly talented and helped enhance the overall story. I especially liked at the suspenseful moments of the story the two narrators would be short of breath and put themselves in the shoes of the astronauts. The little details are not always thought about, but can sometimes be the difference between a good and bad audio story. .

Audio storytelling has always been a part of my life and I can remember listening to books recorded on cassette tapes all of the time when I was younger. I always enjoyed the way that the narrator told the story from their own perspective, but also used the one of the author. Audio storytelling has stayed a part of my life as I have gotten older and gotten accounts for audio books like audible.

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