Robert Ebert Reflection

July 18, 2018 admin 0 Comments

With the introduction of film and video in week four of digital studies it’s important to learn different techniques of looking at film or video. Before taking this class I had a decent amount of experience in studying film, and it is pretty cool to see the techniques I learned in the past mirror the techniques I read about during this week.

The first thing that I read up on film was an article by Robert Ebert, and talked about different ways that film can be studied. Early in the article he talked about watching/studying film in the same way that athletes study film of themselves playing. If you pause and talk about/analyze the film then you can have a deeper understanding on what the film is about and what the director is trying to accomplish. Being an athlete myself I found this part of the article to be extremely relatable, and something that I can see myself trying to do in the future.

Another interesting topic that Ebert brought up was the kind of person, or group that analyzes film. Ebert is quick to say in his article that it does not matter what kind of person analyzes film, and that anyone can do it if they wish. Having said that, it is better to have a bigger group analyzing the film because the more people that are in the group, the more diverse of an understanding you can get on the film. The final thing that Ebert was sure to bring up the tendencies in film, and especially with the difference in positive and negative. The right of the screen is generally positive (as well as things that relate to positivity like the future, power, etc) and the left side is negative (as well as other things like the past, and negativity). I have taken a film studies class before and we learned about that, but it is still something you never think about until you hear someone say it.

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