Pupper Appreciation

July 23, 2018 admin 0 Comments

This is by far my favorite assignment that I made for this class. For the assignment I added photos, and videos of my girlfriends dog Sampson, who is a yellow lab about four years old. I don’t have a dog of my own so I figured the best dog to use as my model since he’s the dog that I know the most. I compiled the funniest, and cutest pictures that I could find to create the video, and then ordered them in a way that showed off Sampson’s greatest qualities.

I wanted to order the video showing him off when he was a puppy, and then work my way into more current pictures.The first picture that I used was from the first year that they got him, and the final video was taken about a week or so ago.

I used iMovie to create this project of Sampson. iMovie is apple’s video editing software that comes on all IOS devices. Since I have a windows computer I don’t have much experience with iMovie, but I found the process to be pretty easy. The only thing that I wish iMovie did was not move pictures with the video, but I still think that the video came out with pretty good quality. I had all of the photos and videos of Sampson sent to my Ipad where I was then able to upload them all to iMovie and edit them.

As I stated earlier this project was incredibly fun to make because of how cute Sampson and all other dogs are. I can’t wait to see if anyone else did this same video assignment because I will watch them all!!

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