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This week in digital storytelling we had more hands on experience that dealt with photography. First, we had to learn how to take better pictures by reading up on how professionals do it and taking into consideration any tips they had to make the process easier. After reading “Photography and Narrative” by David Campbell it was our turn to take photos of our own and create what is called a ““Photoblitz”. During the process of creating our Photoblitz, we had to find an area where we could take pictures for fifteen minutes using the Photoblitz prompt. The prompt gave us ideas on what the pictures could be of, but it gave us a lot of freedom to do what we wanted with the assignment.

In my personal Photoblitz I used my lovely mother as my model as she worked in her garden. She wasn’t in all the pictures, however I used the garden she created as the focus point of my photos and so she deserves credit for that. The photos I took are diverse, and not just from one point in the garden, but rather from different perspectives as I moved all over to capture every view point. I found it important to move around to capture every picture from a different angle, as well as how close in I was to the object I was taking photos of to get different depths. My favorite picture that I took from the Photoblitz shoot was the low angle photoI took the photo as if I was an insect in the garden. I thought that this was the most unique picture out of all the ones I took because it was the most different, and provided a unique perspective. The final thing I made sure that I had in my Photoblitz was an indication of the time. The Photoblitz assignment is supposed to be a fifteen-minute period to take as many pictures as you can. To do this, I put my watch in the first and final picture so that everyone could see that my first and last pictures were taken fifteen minutes apart.

If I was to do the Photoblitz project again, there would be some things that I would do differently. The first and most significant thing that I would do differently is the location of my Photoblitz. The garden provided me with a great place to take pictures, but there wasn’t anything going on during the pictures. If I could go to a more crowded place where more activity took place, than it would provide more of a variety and show change to the scenery, even though the pictures were in the same location.

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