My Favorite Picture I’ve Ever Taken

July 1, 2018 admin 0 Comments

When thinking about my favorite picture that I have ever taken there’s different aspects that I think about when coming up with this difficult answer. The first is when the picture was taken, and if I still have access to them. Some of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken are on a phone that I no longer have or are from a time when cameras on phones were still not very good. The best camera that I have ever owned and had access to is on my iPhone 7 plus. With this camera I am able to use portrait mode to produce the best quality photos I’ve ever been able to take. Due to the fact that portrait mode takes such good pictures, of course my favorite picture I have ever taken was done with portrait mode.

The next thing to consider is what the picture is of, along with the memories attached to it. The main categories I was considering while trying to figure out what my favorite picture I have ever taken was: of myself, of my friends/family, of pets/animals, and of nature. Each one of these categories presented itself with advantages, and disadvantages, that the others did not. Luckily, I had a portrait mode picture of each of the pictures above, and I was eventually able to decide on a picture of my two younger cousins from the past summer at the beach.

My favorite picture that I have ever taken is of my two cousins, Jimmy and Joey, last summer at Long Beach Island. It was taken on my iPhone 7 plus while using portrait mode. One of my favorite things about the picture is that only one of them (Joey) necessarily realizes that the picture is being taken. My other cousin, Jimmy, did not realize that I was taking the picture. This adds character to the photo and makes it seem the most natural. The picture I captured shows happiness within my family, and is attached to a great memory. There are a few pictures I have taken that I’m extremely proud of, but this is my favorite picture I’ve ever taken.

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