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The final week of Digital Storytelling was mainly focused on the final Digital ProjectThe digital project gave us a lot of freedom to tell our most in-depth story of the summer.

This week started off the same way that almost every week of the summer did, with the Daily CreatesThis week we made up for not having any daily creates last week by creating three. The first daily create that I did was to create a postcard for my future self. I have a feeling that my future self won’t be very into the idea of postcards, so I wanted to make my message short and brief. I wanted to encourage my future self to try and stay young, and keep life exciting. As I start to grow older and life and get a job (hopefully) it will be easy to get into a routine where I do the same thing every day. I want my future self to try and make every day the most exciting day ever. The next daily create that I completed was to give myself a fake tattoo.  Both my mom and brother have a tattoo, and it is something I have always considered, but have never been able to convince myself to do it. For the daily create I chose to give myself a fake tattoo of the number forty, the number I wore in college and is very important to me. I still don’t think this daily create was enough to convince me to get a real tattoo, but if I did it would be of my college number. My final daily create for the summer was to create a tutorial using only pictures. Because tutorials are usually full of words I used something simple to show on my tutorial so I showed someone how to put a watch on. It was a quick and easy task that I thought would be funny to see as a tutorial.

After creating my daily creates for the week it was time to make my final project for the summer. The project was an open assignment where I had to use all the different media elements I learned about for the year to create one final story. I was inspired from my telling a story with five pictures assignment where I told the story of how I started playing lacrosse, and how I got to the point I am today because of lacrosse. I wanted to use as many of the previous project applications in my project as I could to produce the best final project that I could. I used iMovie to put together all the videos and pictures, Audacity to record and edit all the narration/sound in the video, and even the design essentials to create the thumbnail you see on YouTube.

The final two things that I created this week were a how to guide on all of the applications that I used to create my final project, and a behind the scenes story of what I was thinking as I was making the video.

The video is directly a story of my own personal lacrosse story. How I started off being an average young player who showed little promise, to the leading goal scorer on the Mary Washington team. What the video does not show but represents is the growth and transition that I made as a person as I continued on my lacrosse journey.

I hope everyone enjoyed navigating my Digital Storytelling website, as well as the content I created for the class. I had a blast creating it all, and will leave everything up after the class is completed as my personal memory of Digital Storytelling.

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