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This week I created my final project using all of the programs/elements I learned about in digital storytelling this semester. While starting to create this project I was inspired by a story in five pictures, and used it as my base idea for the project. In that project I completed earlier in the summer I took five pictures at different times of my lacrosse career and told a story with them. The first picture was my freshman year of high school on the JV lacrosse team, and the last one was this year, after my junior year at the University of Mary Washington.

My initial plan for my final project was to use the same idea from a story in five pictures, but to go more and depth and make a story I will want to back and watch in the future when I’m older. To create this final story I wanted to use all of the tools that I recently learned how to use. The media that I used was pictures, videos, audio files, and a design essential to create the thumbnail. I wanted the photos and videos to tell a story of my lacrosse career starting in middle school, and work my way into my senior year of college.

I used iMovie to combine the photos, videos, and audio files as well as adobe editor to edit any of the pictures that I saw fit. The final program that I used was audacity where I recorded and edited any of the talking you hear in the video. The visual journey that viewers are watching in my final project is me moving from a middle-school level player into a college player. While I do believe I was able to show this in my video, I wanted my project to show something more than just become a better lacrosse player. I wanted the journey shown of my lacrosse career to be a visual representation of the journey/transformation that I went on as a person. I have grown an incredible amount since middle school and a big part of that is because of the people and coaches I have met through lacrosse.

Overall I thought the final project was a good way to showcase everything that I learned throughout the summer in digital storytelling. I was able to use a lot the media with relative ease and the workload was never too much. I would highly recommend digital storytelling to anyone at Mary Washington! You’ll create a lot of interesting projects and learn a lot of valuable information along the way.

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