End of Week Two Summary Post

July 9, 2018 admin 0 Comments

This week there were a lot of projects that involved an alternate universe, or our own after something tragic had happened. It was a lot of different kinds of tasks that I am not used to doing, so it was cool to get a chance to do them.

The first thing that I did for the week was the daily creates where I talked about verbified nouns, as well as put one of my pictures into a digital museum. After the daily creates it was time for me to complete four of the stars of design elements. The first thing I did was creating a story in five pictures where I told the story of my lacrosse career and how I got to the point I am today. The next project I created was a story and a tweet where I told the Capitals story of winning the Stanley cup, and then tweeted a shorter version of the same story. The final two projects had to do with the apocalypse. The first was an advertisement, where I recommended the LifeStraw to anyone who happens to be in an apocalypse. The last and my favorite thing that I have done in this class where I told the story of an apocalypse, from a dogs point of view.

After all the design elements I created it was time to do the two photo projects for the week. The first was related to the alternate universe that I talked about earlier in the week, but this time it was time to create an image for it.In my post I talked about if the South had won the Civil War. The main focus in my post was slavery, which I wanted to use in the image I created. The final post for the week was a book cover redesign. I chose to redesign one of my favorite books “Room” which I redesigned to make look like the child had created it.

The final thing for the week was posting comments on other classmates websites. It was cool to see what other people created, as well as hear positive feedback about what I had created.

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