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One of the tasks I had to complete in the first part of the week was a Design Blitz. Much like the Photo Blitz last week, I had to take pictures of designed objects that are a part of my everyday life. Before the assignment began I had to read an article from the Adobe website that explained the eight principles of design. The eight basic principles of design are: Alignment, Hierarchy, Contract, Repetition, Proximity, Balance, Color, and Space.

After reading the article by Adobe it was time to try and create a Design Blitz of my own. Since I had to look for objects that are in my everyday life I decided that the best place to do that would be in my house, where I spend everyday now, and have spent the most time out of anywhere in my life. I wanted to try and use as many elements or objects of my house that are mine so that I could make my Design Blitz as personal as possible. The pictures that I took were all from my room, kitchen, or front yard. I chose to use the design elements of: Alignment, Reputation, Balance, Color, and Spacing. Overall my favorite picture from my Design Blitz is the one that uses Alignment, because it is an awesome picture of an American Flag which fits in perfectly with the Fourth of July.

If I were to redo my design blitz there isn’t much that I would change. I enjoyed the assignment and thought it challenged me in the right ways. The only thing that I would do differently is change which design elements I use, that way I can have the best overall understanding of the Design Blitz.

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