Design Reflection

July 4, 2018 admin 0 Comments

For the second daily create of the week I looked at two different Ted talks by two different designers. The first video is a Ted talk from 2008 by Paula Scher, a graphic designer who has become famous after creating the logo from Citibank (which she wrote on a napkin) and other famous designs. The biggest takeaway I found from her video was that its okay to fail in life, it will only make you grow as a person. If you are willing to fail and make yourself look like a fool, then you will be successful in life.

Another one of the interesting topics that she talked about during her presentation was the model staircase that represents the human life as they work. At the beginning when you start working it can seem overwhelming because you don’t always know what you’re doing, but as you get older the staircase becomes smaller as you gain experience.

The second video we watched was another Ted talk by another designer David Carson. The main points from Carson’s Ted talk was to not be afraid to break the rules, or what is expected of you while creating something. You should want to create what you feel best fit, and if you must step “out of the box” to do that then it is okay.

After watching these Ted Talks it was time to create my own designs. Graphic design is something that I have not had experience with prior to this class. Using what I learned in the two videos I have to learn to not be afraid to make a mistake, and to not necessarily follow every instruction that there is.

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