Book Cover Redesign

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One of the assignments I had to complete during the second part of this week was a redesign of a book cover. I chose to do one of my favorite books “Room” by Emma Donogue. For those who have not read room a brief summary is that a woman was kidnapped when she was in college and forced to live in a shed that had been made into a bedroom. When her kidnapper made her pregnant, she was forced to make her baby live in the room with her. Instead of telling him about the outside world, she chose to tell him that the entire world was in that room.

While I loved this book, there was always one thing that bothered me about it. The cover of the book is very bland for how exciting the story is.

In my redesign of the book cover I wanted to show an inside view of the room they had to stay in. The final thing I wanted to show in my redesign of the book cover was the handwriting of the word “Room”. I wanted to portray it as if it was written by a child, and I think I was able to accomplish that.

Creating this book cover redesign was not easy, and if you would like to create your own here is a tutorial on how I created mine:

The first thing I did was find the picture I wanted to use as the background of the photo and upload it to Pixlr an online photo editing website that I used to create my book cover.

The next step was cropping out the excess picture into the shape that I wanted.

The next step was adding the title for the book. I had to add the letters one at a time to keep them a different color like the original author had.

After all the letters were done I arranged them on a screen in a messy fashion, in order to make it seem like it was written by a kid.





















My final step was to add the authors name so that I could make sure people knew who wrote this amazing book if they wanted to read it themselves.

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