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At the beginning of the week I had to answer a question about an alternate history, and what it would change for the past and the future. The alternate history I chose to write about was what if the south had won the civil war.  In my post I went in depth about who would be affected, and what our country would look like today had the South won the Civil War. I explained that I believe if the South did win the Civil War that the lives of immigrants, women, and of course current slaves would be much worse. I used that as the main inspiration and idea in my Alternate History Image assignment.

While creating this Alternate History Image I wanted to use slavery as my focus. Slavery is such a powerful image that everyone can relate or think about in some way. The first thing that I think of when I hear slavery is someone in chains, or shackles. I wanted this to show up in my creation, and even have it be the focus. The Image I created is a combination of two pictures combined with the first one being close to a normal picture, and the second one being slightly faded. The first image I used showed shows the feet of someone who is in chains. The feet are the focus of the picture and the first thing that your eyes are drawn into. The second picture is of hands that have shackles on them and looks like the person has recently become free. The hands are set a lower occupancy, so they are faded onto the feet.


My thought on having the two pictures combined was to show the feet being locked up with he hands showing they are free. The two pictures show how awful and restricting slavery can be, as well as how freeing it can be when someone is no longer a slave.

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