A Story and A Tweet

July 8, 2018 admin 0 Comments

This is the story of how the Washington Capitals won the Stanley cup finals.

For years they were one of the best teams in the NHL but could never get it done in the playoffs. They have countless losses to other teams in the Eastern Conference, and countlessly left their fans heart broken. In 2018 it team looked like it was going to be more of the same for the team as they entered the playoffs. They had gone down 2-0 to a Columbus team in the first round, but somehow had survived and won the series. It was now time to face the dreaded Pittsburg Penguins. A team that had eliminated them more in the final years than any other team. The Caps came out and played better than they ever had before, and only had to win one more game to advance to the Conference finals.

An overtime win over the Penguins led them into the Conference Finals. After beating out the lightning in the conference finals the Caps were ready to play in the Stanley Cup finals. It was an even series for the first couple of games, but the caps ended up prevailing and becoming Stanley Cup Champions giving all Washington D.C. something to cheer about.



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