A New Way to Look at Movies

July 18, 2018 admin 0 Comments

As digital story telling looks more into film and movies, it is important to know the different film techniques that are used by directors while filming movies. As I stated in earlier posts this is not the first time that I have studied the ways that movies are shot. In my junior year of high school, I took a film studies class that analyzed movies for the way that they were written more than the way they were filmed. The second film studies class that I took looked more into the way that movies are filmed and what the director was thinking what the shot was being taken. I believe that both classes have given me an above average understanding on how to analyze movies.

The videos that I watched this week all gave an understanding on how movies are filmed, and what the director is thinking during the process. The videos that I thought were the most helpful was the first and third ones. In the first video the creators showed what popular film edits are used in movies, and what they look like. I thought this video was particularly helpful because the shots were all real-life examples that made it easy to see exactly what happened during the edits. My favorite was the slow-motion montage, which had an awesome scene of them playing in a band. The other video that I found useful was the third one, which showed cinematic techniques from popular films. This video was equally helpful because it shows how all these techniques are used in an actual movie. My favorite from this video was the extreme establishing shot from Star Wars IV, one of my personal favorite movies.

All these techniques and shots are things that I have learned in my previous classes, another reason why I think my previous knowledge will help me in this segment of the class.

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